Septic Tank Seam Leaking Problem

Back in the late seventies through the late nineties several septic tank manufactures were building septic tanks with a seam where the upper half and lower half of the tanks were joined. Over time the joint compound sealing the tank halves would deteriorate and leak out effluent. Several older homes are now failing the septic inspection due to this problem. Attached are some close up pictures such a failure. This problem has been corrected by the tank manufactures . They have redesigned the tanks to have the seam above the tank outlet on the top of the tank casting.

2 thoughts on “Septic Tank Seam Leaking Problem

  1. My tank pumper told me he sees cracks in my 30-year-old concrete block tank and that I should get the cracks repaired if we ever want to sell our home. He suggested re-pumping, pressure washing sides and bottom and then epoxy-coating all cracks or maybe all surfaces. Have not experienced any problems whatsoever, had new baffles installed, and a drainfield check showed no problems. My septic tank location is grandfathered where it is, but new code would not allow me to replace it, as it is too close to my property line, which is why I’m looking to either repair the cracks, or put in a new liner. Do you do such work, or have a different solution that would do the job? If so, I would like to do it this spring. No hurry, as we are not thinking of selling in the near future. Interested in your solution, time involved and range of cost. Thank you.

  2. can the pvc pipe comeing from house to septic is leaking as the pvc joins septic, how can i seal it. please help

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